Chitral Valley


This 322 km.(200-mile) long mountain hideout, nesting high in the Hindu Kush range, is a place of fascinating scenic beauty and grandeur. Chitral’s collection of rugged mountains, sulphur springs, rivers teeming with trout, orchard-dotted slopes, friendly people and annual festivals are enchanting beyond description. Alexander of Greece marched through this valley in 327 B.C, and left behind traces of Greek heritage,
 which can still be seen.Summers are generally pleasant but the winters are extremely cold. Chitral has unpredictable during spring with frequent rains and snowfall. Autumn is pleasant with mild temperatures.
Elevation: 1278-7700 meters (3700-25264 feet). Tourist Ideal time for visiting Chitral is from June to September.
Majority of the people are Muslims. The only non-Muslim ethnic minority in the Chitral valley are the Kafir Kalash. The local dialect is ‘Khowar’ (Chitrali).
Chitral District is the most northerly district in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, to the west and north is Afghanistan - in the north the Wakhan Corridor, a narrow strip claimed by Pakistan, it separates Pakistan from Tajikistan. To the east of Chitral are the federally controlled Northern Areas of Pakistan-administered Kashmir and to the south are the Pakistani internal districts of Upper Dir and Swat. Chitral can be accessed by air via the Chitral Airport which is approximately 3 km from the town. Regular flights from Peshawar and Islamabad are run by the PIA.


Shahi Masjid

The picturesque Chitral town lies on the Chitral River. Worth seeing is the Shahi Masjid (Grand Mosque) against the backdrop of Trichmir peak 7700 meters (25,264 feet), ex-ruler’s fort and the local style of Khowar houses of the friendly locals. Chitral is famous for its polo tournaments, held from April to July and September to October. Shadoor Top is another place for real adventrous journey.
Hotels: There are a several hotels, motels, lodges, huts, and camping facilities in Chitral and in its surroundings.

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