Aveo Sedan 2011

Aveo Sedan
The cars often represent the best choice of value people. Chevy model Aveo Sedan 2011 is most beautiful car with a roomy, versatile interior and loads of great feature. Aveo Sedan looks, feels and acts like a much bigger car inside Aveo Sedan looks feels and acts like a much bigger car inside. Company always focuses on customer’s satisfaction to maintain their market share around the globe.

Source: www.chevrolet.com

Aveo Sedan is big thinking car that’s filled with the kind of features and craftsmanship you would expect to find in a much larger, more expensive car. With a 100000 miles/ 5 years powertrain limited warranty to guarantee the quality , you have all around value that’s hard to beat.
Aveo Sedan knows how to make room just because Aveo Sedan is small and fuel efficient does not mean you sacrifice flexibility. The 60/40 spilt folding rear seats fold down independently, allowing you to fit a lot more in your Aveo  than you ‘ d expect ,  when you are  not  lugging  extra  stuff around. There is plenty of room for four of your friends to ride comfortably.
Little Goes a Long Way…. Aveo Sedan offers EPA estimated 35 MPG highway. That’s better standard  highway fuel  economy than Hyundai Accent and Nissan versa(6). Every Aveo Sedan also boasts an ECOTEC 1.6L 1-4 16 valve Engine with variable valve timing that generates ample horsepower and torque.
On Star Navigation… when you feel any trouble to find  exact direction of your journey then push the on Star button.
Satelite XL Radio
Have a fun with music, commercial and news on the way everywhere.
Auxiliary Input Jack.

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