Benefits of Exercise & Five Important "Tips for Exercise"

Fitness plays an important role in our life. Moderately fit people, even if they smoke or have high blood pressure, have a lower mortality rate than the less fit. Recent study shows that people who do exercise regularly have more resistance against diseases. There are many simple ways to make you healthy and strong just consistent yourself for exercise. 

Some real Exercise Achievements

     1                        Longevity and Aging                                                                                         
Age is gift of God and it is must blessed to those people who care about it. Modern study show that people who know the importance of exercise they look more fit and have no aging factors. Your skin will glow like red apple and your body muscles stronger to impress anybody. You will be full satisfied with good health.                   
2                        Cardiovascular Health( Heart Disease and  Stroke)                                          
The majority people die due to heart problems. Like all other muscles the heart have strong muscles on which our life depends. A Health and fit Heart can more pump the blood and circulate it  in whole body. Due to  strong heart beating the flow of blood inside Veins and Arteries more quickly.  Effects on Coronary Artery Disease and Cholesterol levels
3                        High Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is another big problem on this stressful life. Exercise helps to keep arteries elastic, even in all age people. Flow of blood maintains due to exercise and releasing your body from all tensions.                                                                                              
4                         Diabetes
Regular exercise even of moderate intensity, improve insulin sensitivity. A medical research shows that walk and jogging is best tool to defeat the diabetes.                                                                                                                            
5                        Effects on Bones and Joints
It is highly recommended that people who are doing regular exercise have strong muscles, bones and joints. They can take  a part in  every tough job and game.
6                        Back Problems
There are many exercises that can relief a back problem patients and he can eradicate from medical treatments.
7                        Weight Loss            
Exercise burn calories and can help individuals fight obesity. If caloric intake remains constant, regular workouts lead to weight loss.  There is any side effects of weight loss exercise and no fear to body weakness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
8                        Psychological and Emotional Benefits
9                        Colds and Flu
10                     Leg Cramp

 Five Simple Tips to Exercise
1         Early  Rising
It is the most important fact to know the value of early rising. The people who have the routines to leave their bed early in the morning have enough healthy life to enjoy.  The following Benefits of Early Rising are,
·         Fresh Air and Oxygen
·         Restful body after night Sleeping
·         Nature Freshness Early in the day
·         Discipline and consistency
·         More time to  exercise and routines matters
·         Active and Energetic whole the day.
2         Spare your Precious Time
Everyone have the busiest life structure in their daily routines and must have to spare some important time to gain good health. You can fix few minutes from your daily routines to do some simple exercise.
Few minutes can
·         Change your life patterns
·         Boost up your Hidden Qualities
·         Build knowledge Abilities
·         Body Relaxation
3         Consistent
When we read about leaders or successful people life, it is concluded that consistency plays vital role to attain impossible things. Your real effort is to make you consistent   to exercise so that you maintain healthy life.
4         Indoor /Outdoor Games
Rope Jump
Fitness and healthy life is only possible with exercise and some simple indoor or outdoor games can make you active and smart.
Plays with family members (kids and wife)
 Rope jumping
Play with Pet
Football, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, etc

5         Diet plus Workout.

Balance Diet

Your diet buildup your body muscles and physical fitness. A balanced diet can helpful to get good and sound health. You can make a list of foods that is necessary to gain energy and health.
·         Protein vitamin and calories.  

·         Fresh Fruit & vegetables.
·         Meat (Red meat, fish, Goat).
·         Dry Fruit.
·         Glass of Milk.
·         5 to 8 Liters fresh Water a day.

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