Saiful Muluke A Legendary most Beautiful Lake in Pakistan

Saiful Muluk
Lake Saiful Muluk has a touch of the unreal about it, nestling 3,200 meters high in the shadow of the Malika Parbat (Queen of the mountains) 5,291 meters high. Lake water changes its colours with sun and clouds movements whole the day. No trip to Kaghan  Valley is complete without a visit to the legendary Lake Saiful Muluk. The lake is named after Prince Sauful Muluk, who fell in love with a fairy. A night stay can make a proof to meeting with fairies in moonlight on the bank of lake.
At 10,500 feet above sea level, Lake Saiful Muluk is surrounded by impressive snow clad mountains, Lake astonish the tourists with its unforgettable beauty. A jeep able way leads to legendary Lake at the distance of 10km and the climbing trek of 3 Km from Naran but only for energetic visitors.
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