Abbottabad is approximately 1,222 meter above sea level with a neat and clean atmosphere and have many hotels and resorts for tourists. It is one of the ideal places that are popular with respect to pure atmosphere and well decorated natural scenic beauty. It is a spacious valley surrounded by lush green hills. It is a popular summer resort.
It serves as a base for visit to Kaghan valley and has many help center to facilitate the visitors and also Silk Road leads to Northern Pakistan with great adventurous journey. A well constructed road is lead to Kaghan valley in a snake  shape.

Accessible: it is accessible by road at the distance of approximately 160 km from Islamabad and 246 km from Peshawar. Public transport is available in all major cities to access the beautiful valley. Jeep safari is must to explore the eye catching sight in whole valley.
Hotels: There are a several hotels, motels, lodges, huts, and camping facilities in Abbotabad and in its surroundings.
Ilyasi Mosjad with a Shimla hill view point.
Thandiani is another attractive and enchanting hill resort 30 km east of Abbottabad at an altitude of 8,800 feet. It is most beautiful location and ideal for charming location.

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